Tuesday 31 May 2016

100 years of remembering HMS Chester at the Battle of Jutland

Chester has not forgotten its link with HMS Chester and the men who served on her at the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916. If you visit Chester Town Hall this week you will find a small and touching exhibition relating to John Travers Cornwell VC prepared by Chester History and Heritage.

Correspondence between Albert E Horne of Cheltenham, who served on HMS Chester, and the Mayor of Chester indicates that he made regular visits to civic events from the 1950s onwards. In June 1970 he presented the city with a photograph of the 'Boy Cornwell' that is still held in our collections.

In November he writes again to the Mayor enclosing photographs taken at the opening of the 'Victoria Cross' pub on Jack Cornwell Street in his home borough of Newham on 15 September 1970. They appear here with Mr Horne's captions as a tribute to the shipmates and 100 years of remembering.

The six shipmates with two Ind Coope directors, Mr Green, Librarian and Chef

A chat over old times

Six Chester shipmates with Mrs Alice Payne, 80, Cornwell's sister

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