Friday 20 November 2015

Archive animals

Here at Cheshire archives and local studies, our photographic collection is a collection we want to try and share with everyone. For this reason, I have been tasked with cataloguing and digitising a large portion of our slide and glass negative collection. I have recently stated working for The National Archives under their ‘Transforming Archives’ scheme, with my full time placement being here at Cheshire Archives. Over the next year I will learn a range of digitisation and archive skills and hopefully add a lot of images to Cheshire Image Bank for you the public, to view. I have now been here for a month and have come across a great number of interesting images. As today is #archiveanimals day, as part of #explorearchives week it only seemed right to share some dog images with everyone.

My favourite series of images so far have been dogs in mine cars. Amongst boxes and boxes of slides relating to Cheshire Lines Railway Company are a handful of images of a boy and his dog riding on the mine tracks. The boy appears to be dressed very elegantly for a day in the mine and the white dog looks spotless, so perhaps this is just a day out for the pair?

Looking at the images, you will notice that one of them is circular whilst the others are not. The circular image could be the result of a Kodak 1. The Kodak 1 was a small box camera which came pre-loaded with enough roll film to produce 100 images. After all 100 had been taken, the whole camera was sent to Kodak for processing and re-loading. As these cameras were in production between the late 1880s and mid 1890s it gives a rough date for the images.

These images were in a box of railway slides, mainly in the Styal and surrounding area. If you have a more specific idea of where this duo are or even who they are it would be a great addition to the archives and give us some more information on this interesting photo story.

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